Modernizing an old Mechanical Keyboard

Hi all!

This would be my first project using an Arduino/any programabble hobby board.

I have found an old mechanical keyboard with a 5-pin DIN connector. One of the 5 wires is just screwed to the (plastic) case of the keyboard, so that leaves me with 4 working wires.

Anyone knows about other projects with the goal of modernizing similar keyboards?

My end goal would be to make a programmable keyboard, and would love an USB C type connector.

Any suggestion on what board you recommend and why?
(Doesn't have to be Arduino, but I would love if it was atleast Arduino compatible)

Sorry if my english is borken it's not my first language. Also thanks for your answers in advance.

If it's a PS2 keyboard, they still sell those and Arduino can run them directly.

Try looking up arduino ps2 keyboard mouse. yes, Arduino can run the mouse as well.

If you want the Arduino to appear as an HID controller to the PC, get an Arduino Micro or similar (like Teensy 2.0) that has a USB-capable chip -- it will be easier than hacking a non-USB-built-in Arduino.