Modify 'bare minimum'

I've modified the bare minimum file in 1.8.13 for some favorite defaults.

I notice 2.0 beta doesn't use the same file and I can't find the bare minimum sketch in the 2.0 folder.

Could it be there, just under another name? Is it still editable?

Unfortunately, the sketch is currently hardcoded into the Arduino IDE source code itself:

Since the code is open source, it is still technically editable, but I suspect not in a manner that will satisfy you.

You're welcome to submit a feature request for changing back to the old system of opening a copy of the BareMinimum built-in example. The tracker is here:

I remember seeing a previous mention of this somewhere, but I just did quite a bit of searching through the tracker without finding it, so I guess it must have been here on the forum (though I couldn't find it here either).

Done. :crossed_fingers:t4:


Thanks @dougp!

Feedback on the new IDE is very welcome and appreciated. This is a complete rewrite of the Arduino IDE from scratch, and still very much in the formative stage, so this is a good opportunity for the community to get involved in the design of what will likely be the most prevalent tool for Arduino users in the decades to come.

Save it under a different name.

Yes, there's that. But a minimum six mouse clicks vs one mouse click is pretty extreme.

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