module building for cars

evening all! right ive started onto a project that going to require a lot of work, im build a car from scratch and want to have all the modern items found in new cars, im constantly finding information out for the items I want,
ive now decided I want to use can bus within the car, im after reccommendations for books or courses which are good so I can understand creating the can bus messages sent between modules and how to create them.

my basic plan is to have a few modules, for example, one to control the lights, central locking, instrument cluster but would like them all to communicate so for example when the car is unlocked the indiactors flash, and I can communicate with all the modules via one plug in the car.

I suspect there is no shortage of online advice about CANBUS with and without Arduinos.

Other than that your questions are far two wide to be able to give a useful reply.

If you get stuck with one module (start with simplest) and tell us how you have got stuck then it will be much easier to help.

Note that the fine print in the Atmega datasheets states that they are not approved for use in automotive applications