Modulo de motores l298n no me funciona con pwm-L298n motor module doesn`t work

Me compre un modulo controlador de motores (l298n) y me funciona bien, pero cuando quiero usarlo con PWM quitando el jumper, el motor no arranca, lo probe con el tester (multimetro) y no larga los 5V en la parte de salida a los motores. Sera que esta roto o algo?

I bought a motor controller module (l298n) and it works fine for me, but when I want to use it with PWM by removing the jumper, the motor does not start, I tried it with the tester (multimeter) and it did not increase the 5V in the output part to the engines. Is it broken or something?

The english version I translated with google traductor, I speak spanish.