morse code keyboard

Well, here’s my first arduino project.

It’s a fully functional morse code keyboard. It interfaces with a PS/2 or AT keyboard and pumps out morse code on digital output and to a speaker via a PWM output. It allows you to change speed, change weight, change volume, record and playback messages all from the keyboard.

I’m not sure many folks have a use for morse code these days, but I figure the keyboard interface code will be useful for someone. I attached an interrupt to the keyboard’s clock line which provides for rock solid reading of the data line.

Arduino is SO MUCH FUN! :smiley:


Cool, as a ham radio op, Id love to see more projects like this! I just started here but I would like to work on controlling my g-5500 rotor to track satellites by interfacing either an external program or via some native keplerian elements (orbit data)

Thanks Charles - N3CRT

pretty cool. I played around with a ps/2 keyboard for a while on my arduino but since have soldered it back together and now use it on a desktop i found. I am surprised that you didnt use either the ps/2 mouse library or the keyboard one. any specific reason why?

I aplogize, it is perhpas out of topic, but does anyone has already tried to make a morse code decoder with an arduino + lcd screen ?

There was code for Morse decoding int this thread: