Hello everyone,

While I was working on a project I needed a mosfet, but I don't know how to use the one I found. On the mosfet is standing the following: F 1F47AB F12N10L

Could anyone tell me how to use it? I want to use it with an Pro Micro (but any other Arduino is good to).

Thank you in advance TJ

Have you looked at the datasheet ? The F12N10L seems to be a 100V 12A N-channel MOSFET. You can use it like any other N-channel power MOSFET.

For more detailed help you might want to say what you are trying to use it for and what sort of circuit it is going in.


An Rds(on) of 0.2ohm is rather high for a mosfet. I would only select this mosfet for high voltage/low current applications. Leo..

Its is only logic-level however, so will work directly from an Arduino, but must not be driven from 12V as the gate only tolerates 10V absolute max.

0.2 ohms is a very poor specification nowadays, this is likely a device from the 1980's. Modern devices are more like 0.03 to 0.002 ohms.

How many amps / volts do you need?