Motion sensor project


I am relatively new to using arduino so I apologise if I'm asking a very basic question!

I want to create a video that is activated when a motion sensor is triggered. I was wondering if anyone on this forum might have a suggestion of the best way of going about doing this. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


A video activated where? on what device?

Have you thought this through?

yes, sorry I didn't put all of the details in my initial post. I want the video to be played on a TV monitor and to play when a PIR sensor is activated. I did say that I am new to all of this and was asking for advice as to where to start planning this project.

An Arduino can not play video, it can only produce a signal to a video player to have it start playing (and after a while stop).

That's what #1 tried to ask: what device (not type, but actual device: provide name and product number) is going to play the video, and how is this device activated?

As a PIR produces a signal that's very similar to what an Arduino would produce, you may actually be able to skip the Arduino entirely - but this depends on how complex a signal your video player needs.

read up on arduino trail camera.

your project, like all projects, can be broken into bits that are like mini projects.

getting an motion sensor to respond is not 'Arduino required' stuff. you can buy those 99 cent sensors, then spend 99 cents and get a relay.

with the Arduino, you add a ton of options, timing, delays whatever.

you have a camera that you want to transmit a video to a different device. get a camera for a drone that does that 'send to phone' bit the live streaming is not something that fits well with Arduino's, but it does not need to.

as a note, the more complete the question, the more complete the answers.
there is a rule of the universe that the quality of the answer is in direct proportion to the quality of the question.

Oh, I missed the recording part :slight_smile:

A motion activated security camera has it all in a single package.