Motor Controlled by Sound Detector

I have little experience or knowledge about Arduino but I have a project I need assistance with.

The project is simple:
A sound (like a clap) triggers a small motor to turn 1 revolution

I have:

  • Sound Detector device
  • 5V Step Motor
  • MicroServo Motor
  • Generic 3V-6V Motor
  • Elegoo UNO R3
  • Various other components (jumper cables, resistors, etc.)

I was unable to find something like this elsewhere except for Clap Controlled DC Motor which is pretty similar but using an H-bridge

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

You seem to have 3 motors. Which is the one that is going to turn?

So find/write some simple code that reads the "sound detector module" and switches an LED on. The Hackster code you found seems to do that.

Then find/write some code that moves your chosen motor when you press a switch.

Then you're pretty much there and people here will be happy to help you finish it off.

What we don't usually do is just write your code for you. You have to put some effort in yourself.


One way to get things working is to gain more experience about Arduinos. My first project was a sketch blinking the onboard LED in the sequencies I wanted.
Then the design of a CNC controller, a GPS based speedometer, a few intelligent temperature controllers, an IR thermometer were made, sometimes asking Forum for help, mostly without asking questions.

You have a collection of items. Was there any plan why getting hold of those things and not other stuff?

"The project is simple:
A sound (like a clap) triggers a small motor to turn 1 revolution"

Well, maybe not so much. How are you going to determine when the motor has turned one revolution?