Motor controller Deciding

Hello, I am trying to control 6 12v motors, the free current is 2.7 amps while the stall current is 133 amps. I will provide all links at the end. The motor controller I am thinking of using is the Cryton 10amp 12v dual-channel h bridge.
I am not sure if this will work or not as the motors will be connected to gearboxes so the motors will be working hard. This is my first Arduino project so I am very much a beginner, I appreciate all help and Ideas. Also if I posted this wrong, I apologize, I tried my best to do it right.

You really need a driver that can handle the stall current, at least as short term peak current.

That's a 337W motor, so at 12V that's almost 30A continuous in normal running and as stated 133A stall.

The driver can handle 10A continuous or only 30A only as a short term peak.

So no they are not compatible.


That motor will probably pop that motor driver instantly at turn on… (wear eye protection - MOSFETs explode
violently if abused like this). The PCB traces cannot handle the current either, they may well vaporize too.

Look for about a 50A controller with good peak ratings.

I've been trying to find a motor controller that can handle a stall current of 133amps at 12v dc, but I can't anywhere. Do you know of a board that could work?

Word of "Brushed ESC" for radio controlled models may be a hint for your project.
It can be easily controlled with 5V logic level from Arduino.

But huge currents are very dangerous.
I think it's hard to find a battery that can draw that current...
Please work with all attention.

THAT'S SO SCARY... :fearful:

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