motorized air valve electric damper valve duct

Im looking to control this motorized air valve electric damper valve duct. It comes in DC 12v DC24V AC24V and AC 220V .

Any advice is greatly appreciated. If someone could direct me to an article or tutorial.


Screenshot_2021-02-09 US $18 6 HVAC plastic motorized air valve electric damper valve duct solenoid check valve for pipe ve....png

No such information available because you do not know if the valve is open or closed or what happens if you continue to power any of the motors while the valve is open or closed, or it you decide on DC, how much current is required to move the valve motor.
IF you decide on AC motor, then will need one relay to switch one of the AC connections and if you cannot leave the motor continuously powered, then you will need a second relay to turn the power off.

Just a SWAG but from the picture you simply follow there directions. If you want you could add a safety timer. I have a similar one that has a small geared motor, I apply 24VAC to open it, it operates until it reaches its limit switch and stops, the same in the other direction. Mine maintains its position so it does not have to be powered, I have seen some that require power to hold their position, and when power is removed it returns back via its spring. Why not put it on the bench and try it, then you will know for sure.

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