Motors used in car thermatic fans.

Anyone know what type of technology these motors use, ie are they conventional brush motors or some kind of brushless motor. They are usually rated at 12V DC and draw anywhere upwards of 6A . Most fan motors are usually induction types, but obviously thats not possible in a car. What Im trying to figure out is what the life of such a motor is , if it has to run continuouslly. Very little info on the Net about these technology wise.

In my opinion they are just normal 12 DC brushed motors.
Electrical radiator fans existed before brushless motors came available.

Some photos from a factory show DC brushed motors :

The fan taken apart:

Thanks for the pictures. I guessed brush type motors also, but fan motors because they have to run for long periods of time usually dont have brushes as the brush life would be pretty bad. Maybe brush life has been improved .

2 wire = brushed, 3 or 4 wire to a controller = BLDC.

Unless its a BLDC with built-in controller.

Of course more recent cars are likely to have more smart motor controllers and so forth - so perhaps you have to investigate each kind of motor.

The higher reliability of BLDCs is encouraging their adoption in all spheres of industry where brushed motors used to be used.

Thanks, most of the current fans for cars so far that Ive seen in car shops are the 2 wire models, so brush type motors still. Seems that they arnt designed to be repairable if the brushes wear out,as they sure dont come apart easily.