MOVI speech recognizer shield Arduino projects

Many makers may be confronted with the challenge of incorporating voice commands into Arduino projects. But now the MOVI shows up to make this task straightforward. MOVI will play an important role in the intelligent living.

Allow me to introduce the MOVI for you here. It is the first standalone speech recognizer and voice synthesizer that adds voice control functionality with full English sentence capability to any Arduino project.

MOVI is a true Arduino shield with many interesting features.

• Single board off-line speech recognizer and voice synthesizer.
• Powerful yet simple programming interface.
• Can recognize several hundreds of user defined sentences.
• Cloudless - does not require an internet connection or an auxiliary PC. Privacy friendly.
• Very low power ( < 3 Watt ) allowing for battery operation.

The video in has showed the use of MOVI with a voice-controlled light switch. That make me feel very exciting and how do you like it?