Moving actuators

Hi all

I'm undertaking a new project and looking for guidance. I need to move two actuators at the same time, but in opposite directions. The start position would be from center of each actuator.

I want to also could control them via a joystick.

I think this should be possible, just looking for suggestions as to the best way to accomplish this.

Thanks for any input Gene

Very likely to be possible but you should say what the actuators are... solenoids? grippers? What does direction mean in their context.

What's their power requirements, and what control signal/s do they need?

Also "how far?"

I have not purchased the actuators yet, I wanted to keep them as basic as possible. The distance would be between 15-20 inch in travel. As for power requirements, I’m still figuring that out.

The end goal of this would be to swing a ATV plow blade left and right. I wanted an actuator on each side for static load, figuring while pushing snow mostly that would give strength to the angle the blade is at. It’s for my snow mobile club.

I have seen this on a post with only automotive relays so I believe it is possible, I thought using and Arduino would give better control.


And thank very much for responding.

Picture of the post I came across on the web

Or if anyone can suggest idea that would achieve the same result that would be great also



Can anyone suggest a power source for a 8 channel relay board?

Hi, If position is important, make sure the actuators you purchase have position feedback built in. This is usually a potentiometer feedback device so you can use analog input to read position.

Tom... :)