Moving toy car using keyborad

This is my first project using Arduino . I hope you like it :D ..

How it's work: I've connected Arduino to the remote control.

How to do that: I've connected wires from the Arduino to the moving pins in the remote control , If I press up , down , left and right it sends commands to the Arduino then the Arduino sends commands to the remote control after that the remote control sends commands to the car , Then it moves :D . As easy is that .

I used : Arduino Visual basic 6.0 Toy car

To watch :

hey, very nice! I can't see the video because it uses flash but your setup sounds great.

very nice. i have an old rc car myself id like to try and hack.

Thats cool.

For your next assignment you can change the VB program so it can be programmed with a sequence of up/down/left/right keystrokes. The sequence can be played back.

That way you could "program" the car to drive a specific route, and repeat it over and over. (if the wheels don't slip too much)

A bit of work needed on getting it to go forward and turn at the same time. Looks like a good start though :)


Looking very nice, however, concerning the programming. I'd stray away from Visual Basic 6 as it is very much outdated, look at the .NET languages like VB.NET or C# if you want to stick to Microsoft.. if not you could always take a look at Java.

Looks like fun stuff! :) Great idea. I have some old RC-Cars lying around, maybe I should try that too. I think it would be cool if you would add a Bluetooth Webcam to it.

bill2009 , Thanks for your post :)

chvyrulz350 , CounterPillow , Thanks and if you need any help I'm right here ;)

MikMo, Thanks , I'm on it :)

mowcius, Thanks , I think you're right about that , but I think the issue is in the car itself because it's cheap and low-quality :)

Zandaa ,Thanks , I used it because it saves time and resources 8-) , But if I needed complicated things I'll back to those languages ;)