Mozzi Library help, not sure why my Potentiometer isnt changing Frequency.

Hello, I have recently started a project for a 4 voice synth using Mozzi that is controlled via 4 Ribbon thin pot potentiometers.

not having much experience with coding I tried to see if I could edit an example from the library to control a basic sine waves frequency.

Using parts of code from “The Arduinitar Project” by Andrew McPherson Queen Mary University of London who had a similar idea, i thought i could make a simple program to do this.

in the serial monitor i am getting readings from the analogue pin, of 255 downwards, but i am not getting any changed output signal from the PWM pin 9.

I’m using an Arduino Mega

Any help would be great, thanks.

almost_working_ribbon_test.ino (3.47 KB)

Start by posting you code in a more accessible way

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i am not getting any changed output signal from the PWM pin 9.

What determines which pin the output should appear on ? I see no sign of it in the code that you attached

thankyou for the quick reply, and also for helping me with finding a better way to post code, sorry again, really new with this stuff

Pin 9 is the default output pin for the Mozzi library, I haven't changed that at all in any of the libraries config files

#include <MozziGuts.h>
#include <Oscil.h> // oscillator template
#include <tables/sin2048_int8.h> // sine table for oscillator
#include <mozzi_midi.h>
#include <tables/sin2048_int8.h>
#include <tables/saw2048_int8.h>
#include <tables/triangle2048_int8.h>
#include <tables/cos2048_int8.h>
#include <AutoMap.h>
#include <Metronome.h>
#include <IntMap.h>

// use: Oscil <table_size, update_rate> oscilName (wavetable), look in .h file of table #included above
Oscil <2048, AUDIO_RATE> inBass;

const char INPUT_PIN = A0; // set the input for the knob to analog pin 0

// to convey the volume level from updateControl() to updateAudio()
byte pitch;
long out;
long finalOut;
// Basic pitch of the instrument (MIDI 45 = A2)
#define MIDI_NOTE_MIN (Q16n16)(33L << 16L)

uint16_t antilogTable[] = {
uint16_t mapPhaseInc(uint16_t input) {
  return (antilogTable[input & 0x3f]) >> (input >> 6);

void setup(){
  //Serial.begin(9600); // for Teensy 3.1, beware printout can cause glitches
  Serial.begin(115200); // set up the Serial output so we can look at the piezo values // set up the Serial output so we can look at the input values

  Serial.println(finalOut, BIN);

  startMozzi(); // :))

void updateControl(){

 static Q16n16 midiNote, midiNoteInt, baseFrequency;
  static long midiNoteFrac;

  // map it to an 8 bit range for efficient calculations in updateAudio
 pitch = mozziAnalogRead(INPUT_PIN);

 midiNote = MIDI_NOTE_MIN + (Q16n16)(pitch << 11);

 midiNoteInt = (midiNote + 0x00008000) & 0xFFFF0000; // Nearest MIDI note (Q16n16 rounding)
  midiNoteFrac = (long)midiNote - (long)midiNoteInt; /* Fractional part only */ /* Scale the fractional part */
  midiNote = midiNoteInt + midiNoteFrac;

   baseFrequency = Q16n16_mtof(midiNote);


  // print the value to the Serial monitor for debugging
  Serial.print("pitch = ");
  Serial.println(finalOut, BIN);

int updateAudio(){

 out = (;
  finalOut = (out);
  return finalOut;    

void loop(){
  audioHook(); // required here

Thanks for posting teh code in code tags. It really does make it easier to deal with

I have no idea whether it makes a difference, but the PWM output frequency on pin 9 of a Mega is 490 Hz whereas the frequency on pin 9 of a Uno is 976 Hz

How have you established that there is no PWM output on pin 9 of your project ?

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