MPU6050 resultant acceleration is not 16384


When I got the 3 acceleration, the resultant acceleration is not 9.81, it is like 9.31
There are some post said I need to leave the chip for 5-10 mins for calibration.
I think the calibration is just for the offset, right? So, even without the calibration, should the resultant force be 1g? Does the temperature only affect the offset? Will the temperature affect the scaling of 16384/g?

Plan B, as the chip is as rest, I use the 3 values as the offset, then, the resultant acceleration value will be the true acceleration.


Calibrate the accelerometer, one scale and offset for each axis. Google will find tutorials.

"True acceleration" includes g, when you are on Earth, and subtracting g works only if you know the precise orientation of the accelerometer. See this explanation of the problems in doing that: Using Accelerometers to Estimate Position and Velocity |.