Multi-Kitchen Timer

I got tired quickly of needing 3+ mechanical kitchen timers that either didn’t keep proper time or just downright failed when you so much as looked at them. This is the result.

  • 3 adjustable timers, two with up to 60, one with up to 99 minutes
  • 2 preset tea timers for my girlfriend and me that set the time to 3 and 8 minutes respectively, independant of the main timers, rings around the buttons light up while the timers are running
  • Alarm tones are MP3 files played by a DFPlayer Mini
  • PAM8403 amplifier is used to ensure enough volume (turned on and off only when MP3 is actively playing)
  • Running an Arduino Nano and an Arduino Pro Mini, since I ran out of I/O pins.
  • Pro Mini running the tea timers and timer #3 sends the MP3 number to play to the Nano via I2c

To do:

  • Currently waiting for an audio bluetooth transmitter that will enable multi-room alarms with a basic bluetooth speaker

Video demo (volume warning)

Github with the code

Note that I don’t have a diagram or anything since the project kind of kept growing.
Also note that I can’t really code, so peek at the code at your own risk.

Good job !

Alexa works well too. :slight_smile:

I like that! What do the buttons on the right side do?

-jim lee

I like that! What do the buttons on the right side do?

-jim lee

Those are the tea timers, 3 and 8 minutes respectively, since that's how long my girlfriends and my teas take.

Ha ha! How cool!

-jim lee