Multi SPI sensors interfacing ESP32 how to choose CS

I have 3 SPI sensors of which I am trying to read with an esp32 (datasheet) using the following configuration:

I am using the VSPI interface of the module in the datasheet, which lists the CS pin as GPIO5. But in this case I will need 3 CS pins. So how do I select the other 2 CS pins?

Any output pin will work as long as it's not used by another peripheral

Thanks so I can just use a general input output pin, doesn't have to have special capabilities?

Any output pin will work for SPI CS.

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Basically you can type a number between 0 and 32 but you should refer to a pinout guide so you do not use a pin being used form something else. The ESP32 supports 3 SPI devices per SPI port and the ESP32 has 2 SPI ports.

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