Multiple DS18B20 on a long cable (100m)


Please let me know if that's possible to have multiple temp sensors (DS18B20) connected using one cable Cat5e on distance upto 100m.

The idea is to control temperature on the inner room perimeter. (10meters interval between sensors)
Power source is 220V (I'll be using AD-DC converter to 9v/1A)

Again, is that possible to put 12 DS18B20 sensors on Cat5e cable (in non-parasite mode) on distance upto 100meters?

Thanks for all yours opinions!

This link suggests that it is possible:

I would hahave to review the data sheet nut IIRC you must have all sensors anout the same distance from the master point
The idea is so all answer at the same time. If you haf one every 10 feet then responses would ooverlap.

This link suggests that it is possible:

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Thanks for your replies!

So if I understood you correctly, 100m of cable and 15 sensors with long stubs is too much and not that possible

I decided to split my sensors into 3 groups and use dedicated cable for each instead of only 1.

I’m just not sure what type of resistor should I use to make it working properly?

Please see my schematic picture to better understand what I want.

temp sensors.png