Multiple LCDs unique message display


I have connected 2 LCDs to Grove and I would like to differentiate between those 2 LCDs. Right now, I ran sample Hello World and it ran on both LCDs. Is it possible to identify 2 LCDs independently and display different messages on each LCD?

jhd1313m1_context lcd = jhd1313m1_init(0, 0x3e, 0x62);
This line initializes all LCDs connected to board, is there any way to separately identify multiple LCDs.


Well, perhaps if you started by explaining what it is you are talking about, we might get somewhere. :roll_eyes:

I have UP2 Board and Grove Pi attached to it. I am trying to display different messages on 2 LCDs attached to the grove.
I followed through "Hello World" program and it is displaying Hello World on both LCDs.
Aim is to display unique messages on both LCDs, but any change on code gets applied to both LCDs. For example, how would I print “hello world” on 1 LCD and “Goodbye World” on another rather than showing same message on both LCDs ?

Is there any way to uniquely identify both of LCDs attached to grove? I have attached piece of code and line highlighted initializes the LCD, How would we differentiate 2 LCDs attached to grove?

Hope I was more clear.


OK, so this has nothing at all to do with Arduino, does it?

And we do not even know what sort of LCD display you are using. :astonished:

If nothing else you should read the forum instructions.

Okay. I guess I have posted query in wrong forum.
Thanks for clarification :slight_smile:

Well, the thing is, people here know about Arduinox. Some have considerable experience with the Raspberry Pi - I haven’t used mine much so far.

The other things you mention are more of a niche market - at least to us.

We know LCDs - but you (still) have not told us what you are using. :astonished:

Hardware used:
UP Squared* Grove* IoT Development Kit

LCD used:
Grove LCD RGB backlight

Hmmm. The LCD is extremely poorly documented as far as I can see. I cannot see any provision on the module for changing the I2C address, so I cannot see any straightforward means to connect more than one.

Seems to simply be a poorly-designed product unless anyone else here knows a secret. :astonished:

Please leave link(s) to the item(s) you have bought. e.g. Ebay sale.

Yes, I could Google "Grove LCD RGB backlight". But I would still need you to confirm whether this LCD is the one you are using.

Normally I2C devices have a jumper or solder-bridge to select an alternate I2C Slave address.
Or even allow you to change the address in software.

This would mean you could use multiple LCDs on the I2C bus. (just like you do with I2C backpack LCDs)

The Seeed documentation does not say which controller chip is used.
Nor does it mention any jumper-link.

I suggest that you ask on the Seeed Forum.
But there might be a Seeed expert here.


As David mentioned, it is possible that the LCD backpack might offer some I2C address configurability via jumpers.

A couple other ideas to consider (I don’t use the Grove ecosystem, so these may not be applicable, but might be worth investigating):