Multiple SPI with single port

My Understanding that we can use DUE for multiple SPI device with single SPI port by increasing the SS pin .

i need connect 128x64 Graphics lcd and SD Card .
i need to read data from sd card and display .

The question that SPI will not hang-up due to multiple use of port .
i need have little knowledge sharing your experience using the multiple device connection .

Just use different SS pins for the devices,
SPI is a bus and is designed to be attached to multiple devices.

That describes SPI from 328p standpoint, but the principles are identical.

Connect the SPI common pins (MOSI, MISO, SCK) to each of the devices but connect the SS pin of each device to its own pin

When you want to address a particular device take its SS pin LOW before reading from or writing to it so that other SPI devices are not affected

hi. can you provide the related coding ? i am also stuck with the same issue...


arduino spi multiple devices

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