MultiWii Arduino QuadX Drone Help

Hi, I am currently working on making a quadcopter drone using an Arduino nano and GY-521 MPU6050 accelerometer as the flight controller. I am using the MultiWii drone Arduino software. I have followed what many others have done online using this link. In MultiWii, the flight controller clearly shows my accelerometer working and corresponding to inputs from my transmitter. However, even though everything from the software side seems to work in the simulator, my motors do not spin when given the input from my transmitter. I believe all my soldering to be working as every component is receiving power. Any suggestions?

I am using Readytosky motors of this kind (link), with 40 Amps ESCs, and 7.4 LiPo battery. I am using a flysky transmitter and FS–IA6B receiver.

The code I have uncommented in MultiWii are:

#define QUADX
#define MAXTHROTTLE 2000
#define MINCOMMAND 1000
#define GY_521 

Thank you!

Does your esc require an arming signal? If so are you sending it correctly?

Hi gibbobaz
Thanks for your reply. I think I armed it... the orange light on my arduino nano lights up when going though the arming procedure (moving the throttle/yaw stick on the TX to the bottom right corner). Not sure if it's sending a signal to the motors correctly though... do you know of a way to check this?

It's been years since I touched a multicopter and the last one was using OpenPilot, do you have the GUI on your computer available? I recall having to play around with the end points to get the arming to work (different esc have different pulse setups). You might first have to calibrate the esc to match your max/min signals.

When you power it up do your motors play the normal start up beeps?

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