MX-64R Coding


I have had my MX-64R for over a week and I cannot find ANY code that makes it do anything. I have a MAX485 module connected up according to the schematic at: but no success. I have raised the same issue on other forums and have had a bit of explaining, but nothing has worked for me. I am using an Arduino Mega 2560 board.

Literally any help is appreciated,

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Searching on internet gives a number of links to follow. Google gives plenty of links. One of them is this: MX-64T / MX64-R / MX-64AT / MX-64AR

Trust me, I have clicked in every single link that exists regarding the MX-64R, the problem is that they nearly all use the USB2DYNAMIXEL as the connection between the servo and the PC. I don't want to do this as I need the Arduino board for other pwm servos. All the example code show how to code the MX-64T with that dongle, and I am looking for the MX-64R without the dongle, which has to have been done before, but none has posted on how they've done it. Plus that link only gives address values, nothing on how to code it.

You probably want to search for “Dynamixel arduino rs485”, rather than mx-64r...