My Arduino based Useless Box

This is my take on the useless box. I hope you like it. If you want to see the code i will post it for you. It is pretty simple. (well it must be. I made it lol)

It's not "useless". I like it. It's a box with a sense of humour. XD

Maybe you could publish more details for us...

I agree with novice - its cool 8)

I Think its cool And the best use of an Arduino I have ever seen.

Makes me wanna build one myself :)

janost: Makes me wanna build one myself :)

Usually does.

This one has an interesting twist:

It is cute.

You made me giggle, that is worth a karma-point. You have actually made it look "intelligent".

How many servos do you use? Three?

Hi all. Thank you for the great comments. :) I just used a giant switch case statement. I used 3 servos on this project. I will post the code and some more details soon. I am away at my parents for Christmas at the moment. My sketch is at home on my PC. Regards Jezza

can you share your code and what parts you used. I want to make this my First Arduino Project

somebody has the code?
i need it. :slight_smile:

its cool 8)