useless box project help

hello everyone , i recently saw a video of a useless box that seemed fun to make. I saw video specifically that seemed to have simple components and worked fairly well . I could not figure out what the specific/exact components used were . I know it uses a servo or dc motor but this one seems fairly simple. So here are my questions

  1. How can I use a servo without it being connected to an Arduino board at all times?
  2. Does anyone know what components are used in the video ?
  3. Any other advice on building this homemade toy ?

Thank you .

here is the video btw : Most Useless Box Ever! - YouTube

Use the Youtube video and ask the guy?

@railroader turns out he bought the box already assembled so i dont think he would know.

Just google it, you should find others with a better description. As far as I can see, it's usually powered by AA or AAA cells. It uses a switch, a servo and an Arduino.

Then you just need to make the box and mechanism.

@railroader turns out he bought the box already assembled so i dont think he would know.

Hey there! I have asked questions to soo many Youtubers and I get answers most of the time!
Use the comment field or track the home page and write a personal mail!

Built one of the useless boxes for the kids back in Thailand last year.

Must be hundreds of different versions around.

One I built required a little bit of common sense as to setting up as not every detail was covered however it works fine.

Just buy the kit. No shortage of them.

Note the Arduino is only required for the more sophisticated versions which exhibit deliberately erratic/ unpredictable behaviour. :grinning: The basic version is simply a gearmotor and microswitch.

Yes ..Some of the complete ones you can buy just use a motor/gearbox with limit switches , and no electronic parts , hard to reproduce.
The Arduino based ones are better ( as prev post ) as you can add whatever movements you wish and extra switches etc as your imagination provides in the code.