My First LED Project! FASTLed + WS2812B

Hello everyone,
A couple of months ago i asked help to build a led panel that had to be used in a party.
I finished it after hours of fight, but at the end i hated it so much that i didn't even want to see it anymore.
I got it back from dust and i've decided to make a video talking about how i did that, i hope it can help some rookies like me to get their own projects done or improve what i have built.
The design is bad and also the coding may be full of stupid mistakes, but i'm proud that i got it to work.
You will find the explanation and the code of my project in this youtube video, i'll be really glad to anwer any questions you have (especially about the code as the circuit part is not that hard).

Here's the video:

Special thanks to this community that helped me to build my first project!