MyoWare EMG sensor

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I am a beginner in this topic and I would like to know, how the MyoWare sensor is connected to an Arduino microboard by using the R,E,M pin for signal acquisition. Should the SIG pin also be connected to the microboard?

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Search for: arduino myoware
For example Sparkfun has a tutorial:
They have also a link there to the official MyoWare Muscle Sensor datasheet.

Use the pins 1,2,3:
1 to Arduino 5V (if you have a Arduino 5V board)
2 to Arduino GND
3 to Araduino analog input

The 'RAW' is an extra. If you don't have the equipment to read a EMG signal, then you don't need it.
The 'R', 'E', 'M' pins are not needed of you have the probe with cable connected.

If you use a laptop and disconnect the charger, then you have less interference from the mains. A complete project can be with a display and battery powered.
Attach the board to a muscle and use force. Just moving your arm is not enough, it detects muscle power.

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