N-Mosfet THT for 12V and max 2A

Which N-Mosfet THT to buy to switch using ESP32 (3-3.3V) and can do 12V, max 2A? I want ESP32 to switch my heating element 12V / 2A

There are a lot of MOSFETs that will do the job. You need to give more information as we do not know your skill set or resources. What package, Is it going on a PCB or bread board? If it is a one of a kind they make opto isolated switches that will quite easily handle your 2A at 12V and they are about 1" by 2" with terminal strips for power and pins for control.

Hi @cevepe,

For just a power MOSFET that can be switched with an ESP (3.3V), I use the
STP90NF03L. TO-220 package, 90A max, 30V max, VGS of 2.5V.

What do you call a standard power MOSFET - for me this is 12V gate, TO220 - you clearly want a 3.3V logic-level MOSFET which is not "standard power MOSFET"

What is "THT"

Through-Hole Technology.
I.e. not SMD.

I wouldn't call ANY MOSFET 'standard'. It's confusing as heck to do so, as there IS no standard.

Hi @MarkT,

Ok, I removed the word "standard". I was only trying to say that for a high amperage, high voltage transistor that can be switched by an ESP32 or similar, there is the STP90NF03L, as this is what I use for the OP's scenario.

For power MOSFETs in high power circuits the de-facto standard is n-channel only, 12V gate drive, MOSFET gate driver chips using bootstrapping for the top-side MOSFET(s). For IGBTs its the same with 15V gate drive... Same for IPMs (intelligent power modules - which are actually just a few MOSFETs and drivers in a single package, nothing intelligent at all).

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