N00b question about ultrasound sensors

Hey all,

I'm just getting started with arduino, and I decided to pick up an ultrasound sensor and see if I could read the distance from it, then send it via serial.

Here's what I bought: DDAAAHHH! Can't post links yet.. see next message

but obviously the PING is more of a complete sensor with its own circuit board.

Can anyone give me some pointers about how to wire this up or where to start learning?

I've made a couple of circuits based on my very limited understanding of electronics, but I'm pretty sure I'm shooting in the dark. I've no real way to even know whether I'm even transmitting ultrasound, let alone receiving..



Here's what I bought: http://www.maplin.co.uk/module.aspx?TabID=1&criteria=usb&ModuleNo=3199&C=SO&U=Strat15

I thought I could learn something by using this as a template: http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/Ping

Unless you have, and know how to drive, an oscilloscope, I probably wouldn't bother with bare transducers. It is possible to do, but you'll waste a lot of time and effort - have a look at the Devantech sensors.