nano digital output, pulsed

Hello, I had a question about using the nano. I am very new to this and still working with the blinking led program. I am using books that are for the Uno board so I learning how to make the crossover to nano. The problem I am running into is that when I hook up a LED to a digital output pin and program it to blink it comes on during that one second and goes off but it blinks while it is doing it. and it is not a blinking LED I have checked. Any Ideas??

What value resistor do you have in series with the LED?

no resistor just running it straight off pin D13 and trying other pins with the same results. Following example 1 from "Getting Started With Arduino", Radioshack $15. Tried it with one LED and with 3 all on different pins. Programming worked fine whether running one LED or 3 at once but the all flash.

Without an appropriate series resistor, you will damage the Nano. You may have already damaged it. A reasonable minimum resistor is 5 volts / 0.020 amps = 250 ohms.

Well that sounds just like something I would do, break it on the first project. Well I ran the blink hello program across most of the digital output pins and it seemed to work then I ran a 3 led comb on 3 different pins and that worked. Is there any way to tell if I hurt the nano? Also can anyone recomend a good place to find out more about the nanoand problems like that? I have downloaded the PDFs on the arduino page but I guess some info on working with it is something I need to look more into. Anyways thanks for the help I think I still have a board to work with for now.

Is there any way to tell if I hurt the nano?

Not reliably. Were I in your shoes, I'd just continue using it.