Nano for MKR ETH Shield

Hi, I have just purchased an "MKR ETH SHIELD" but have no other MKR board to plug into this, is it possible to wire a Nano straight to the MKR ETH SHIELD and program it this way?


yes. wire 5 V, Gnd, SPI pins (SCK, MISO, MOSI) and CS pin on the shield is pin 5

@Juraj, can the shield take 5V signals?


yes. as you can see on the schematics it takes voltage from the 5 V pin and converts it to 3.3 V for the W5500. all Arduino Ethernet shield have it this way.


I was talking about the signals (I/O), not the supply voltage. But I now looked at the W5500 datasheet and Vih is 5.5V max.

yes W5500 data pins are 5 V tolerant and the 5 V ATmega reads 3.3 V as HIGH

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Thanks all I have had some limited success connecting as Juraj initially suggested and forcing a CS pin on the nano high to the -5 of the MKR ETH SHLD. The only problem I am finding now is the serial monitor only seem to show the subnet IP as the server IP ( with the Ethernet - Webserver example.

you can connect any pin of Nano to pin 5 of the shield. ideal is pin 10

first try the EthernetClient example

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Apologies for the delay, I had difficulties connecting via my work based machine as I think there is network restrictions. I tried the EthernetClient example as you suggested (With Pin 4 High & Pin 10 Low) jumper wired from my nano and all seems to work! This is useful for anyone out there wanting to connect any arduino via wires to an ethernet shield (Not plugged on top). Thanks Juraj!

Would it be possible to simly plug the MKR ethernetshield on top of the arduino nano? Are the dimensions different?


Yes. The Nano and MKR boards have different form factors and also different pinouts. The Nano boards are smaller.

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