Nano identifies as Mini after Optiboot

Dear all,

After uploading the new bootloader to my Arduino Nano clone using Mr. Gammon’s Board_Programmer, I can only upload sketch to that board if I select “Arduino Mini” as the board type; attached are the before and after pictures of chip info using Board_Detector.

To experiment I used Hex_Uploader to modify the fuse settings to match the original bootlaoder, but I still need to select Mini in order to upload a sketch.

This doesn’t effect functionality of the board, but is there a way to maintain/modify how the board is identified by the IDE?

Thank you all,


New Nano Bootloader.jpg

Original Nano Bootlaoder.jpg

Mr. Gammon's Board Programmer actually puts the Uno bootloader on it. So you can call it an Uno from now on. You now have more sketch memory since you've upgraded the bootloader.

The board settings are maintained in the boards.txt file which is part of the IDE installation.

Well, it's not actually the UNO bootloader, it is the upgraded Optiboot Pro Mini bootloader which corresponds to the SMD version of the 328.

Precisely as you would expect.

I understand, thank you very much dmjlambert and Paul__B.