NC Drill Files Requested for import filter.

I am currently midway to fully automating tedious things like drilling PCB’s. I am a IVEX product user but would like to incorporate drill file support in my application to extend support to those of you using other PCB editors. If willing please respond to this post with a drill file from your PCB CAD.
With my use of 2 14.7 RPM ECM Moror Co gearheads and 2 Motorboard V3 and an Uno as the controller I am attaining a positioning accuracy of .5mil/step. along with the program is a modified Stepper Library. The Stepper mod is a return value from the step method indicating whether a step took place or not. The second motor deck must be modified to remap its pins to available pins left on the Arduino. Although some would dispute me, its not fast and I don’t need it fast…as long as I am not having to hit those tine pads with a tiny drill bit with my waining eyesight, it can take all day to run a job. Speed gives rise to positioning accuracy loss and pole slip in the syncronous motors. (7.55 KB)

Stepper_Example.ino (3.62 KB)

ajofscott -

Your subject line doesn't seem to be describing what you are looking for.

It would appear that you would like some PCB drill format files from programs other than IVEX but your description is not going to attract any of those people.

I think I have the same mill and when I get done cleaning up my Hardinge UM I am planning on CNCing it.

I have been having a ton of difficulty accessing my comm ports via script. My avoidance of outright writing a compiled application have consumed more time than if I had simply written a VB6.0 application in the first place.

I have been hard at coding this project. Below is the current layout for the user interface. Any useful input for additional controls would be welcome.