Need a circuit as a fan regulator

I need a circuit which works as a fan regulator, and to increase or decrease, we have 2 button and 5 led indicator, so when user press up button fan speed will increase and vise versa, I checked on Google but there are tutorials of light dimmer, so that mechanism create humming noise when we use for seiling fan.

You are trying to change the speed of a ceiling fan?
What model fan? Have you seen the controller switches that they already make? They are not dimmers.

All types of ceiling fan, like a normal regulator works with all types of fan same like that, actually i am making a smart switch board with touch buttons so i can't use regular circular regulator in it, so instead of that i need a circuit which works on digital values like 1 for slow speed and if we pass 5 then it's for high Speed like that

Are you sure about that? I seem to recall installing a few single speed only fans in houses I built. I may be wrong though.

Yes, there are many fans like that but where I am going to install my system, there i need fans with regulator, in india majority of people uses fans with regulator, so it's a important thing to add it in my board also

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Here are a number of fan regulator circuits. Just replace the switch with relays controlled by the Arduino.
There may be a few additional discrete components needed too.

ok, Thank you so much.

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