Need a little help

Hi everyone,
I just bought an Arduino Uno R3 model and I still a newbie so I was wondering if I could use PIN 2 and PIN 3 as uart pins for serial communication with another module because I saw on the board that the pin0 and pin 1 arre RX and TX pins for serial comm.
SoftwareSerial mySerial(2, 3); //pin2 Rx, pin3 Tx ??????

That are different things. In one hand you have the hardware serial that is in the pins 0 and 1, like you said. Then you have the software that you can place in 2 other pins (is up to you chose the pins that you want) and in the example that you give SoftwareSerial mySerial(2, 3); is placed in the pins 2 and 3.

So all the arduino pins can be used as RX and TX for serial com.?
Thank you for your response :))

Take a look to this page:

Here you can get more information.

Be aware that SoftwareSerial is not as good as HardwareSerial. It can only send or receive but not both at the same time. And it may not work properly with some of the other Arduino libraries.