Need a teaching about coding

Hello, I'm a student from Malaysia. I need to do a final year project for my college. My team have an idea to create Automatic Solar Air pump. It is functions to pump tire in a short period of time. So, I need somebody to teach me how to do coding, when we want to pump the tire and it reach its limit, the pump will off and LED indicator lights will turn ON. We are also add the LCD display screen for users to know its current air pressure. Hopefully there will be someone willing to teach me. Thanks a lot!

Start by studying the examples that come with the Arduino IDE - they will have most of the techniques that you will need.

And there is a large number of online courses in C/C++



You want to learn coding -- this is a good news!

To practice coding, you need PC, Arduino UNO Board, and some related hardware which are depicted below in a block diagram prepared based on your description of the post.
Figure-1: Conceptual level hardware block diagram for controlling a tire pump

Now, read the above diagram of Fig-1 and write below using plain English and giving serial numbers (like: 1. 2. ...) the sequence events that will take place.

1. Press button K1.
2. Pump will ON.
3. ....................

Once you come back with your steps, we will show the ways of converting the above steps into programming language (the coding).