Need advice about hardware

Good Day to all; I just finished my first Arduino project - Humidity and Temperature sensor with LCD display. All parts are from Arduino starter kit. Now I'm going to add wifi connection to my project. My question is - what shield I supposed to use? A couple of them from Kuman or SunFounder etc. I read a lot about compatibility between manufacturers. Any advice about compatibilities between manufacturers? - any in particular. Thx in advance

Most commonly used are the ESP8266 modules, such as the ESP-01, to provide WiFi connectivity.

Or if you want to go the IoT route, look at the NodeMCU or WeMOS D1 development boards. Those have an ESP8266 on board, a very capable microprocessor in itself.

I would mirror the ESP8266 board as well.. they are like $2-3 USD.. and are very capable boards.

In reality.. if you go the ESP route.. you might not even need the Arduino.

As the ESP can be programmed directly... just like an Arduino, using the same IDE.

Thank you wvmarle and xl97. I ordered parts from Amazon and will try.

A couple of ESP8266 links that helped me.

Thx groundFungus