Need arduino builder for simple project

Hello all,

I'm not interested in learning arduino. However I would like to buy a simple project. I need basically an on/off switch. I need this switch to be on from 10pm till 3pm. Other wise off. Then when a momentary push button is activated, I need the switch to be on for 2 minuets, then go back off. (during the 3pm to 10pm time frame)

The switch needs to be able to handle 120 volts and about 600 watts.

Can anyone make this? And what would it cost? Joe Piotrowski

A little more info to give you an idea of what I'm trying to do.

I own a restaurant, in this restaurant, I have a self serve soda machine. I have a problem with people coming in from off the street an stealing drinks.

I would like to put in a device that my clerks can press a button on when they ring up a soda. Once the button is pressed, the soda dispenser will only work for 2 minuets. That will give the customer time to get a drink. But keep most of the thieves confused as to why the machine will not work when they come up to it. If needed, the clerk can always press the button again.

Reason I only want the device active after 3 pm, is because my problems mainly kids after school.

I know how to wire the soda machine, but need someone to make the device to make the switch "on" before 3pm always, and only "on" for 2 minuets after the trigger is pressed after 3pm.


Well It’s quite the trivial software task and just a few specialized hardware components required. The main pieces would be:

An arduino board, virtually any model would work, the smaller the better. Something like this maybe:

A relay board to handle the 120vac load such as:

A real time clock module, something like this one would be nice:

And of course a power module for the system, such as this maybe:

A few miss parts, like the push button, led indicator, wire, a box to mount the thing in, etc.

And no, I’m not interested in coding/building it for you, I’m happily retired, but I will be available around here to help if you attempt to take the project on yourself.


Here's a simple, inexpensive alternative that requires no arduino or programming:

1) Pick up a rotary timer switch in a drug store, the kind folks use to switch their lights on and off at various times while away. Plug the soda machine into it, and set it to be off during the hours you want.

2) In parallel with the light timer, wire an interval switch that the clerk can activate. These are usually rotary, not pushbutton, but might work OK for you. They are commonly used to turn on spas or saunas or microwaves for a selected interval. Two minutes is pretty short, so may be hard to find. Worst case, you could just use a simple toggle switch and have the clerk switch it off after the customer gets his soda.

Or buy a 555 timer relay kit, no programming, just soldering. :)