Need Assistance $$$ - Project AC DC Servo Controlled Rotational Arm

Hi All,

We have a project we are working on trying to get all components together in order to make this project functional - if anyone knows of a company or code developers who can assist with this project that would be great if you can share your contacts

We have all hardware documentation. specification data sheets etc

I wont go into too many details in this thread try to keep it nice and simple, basically it is much like a robot arm with rotation and 60 degree of arm lift - with various buttons preset to degree when pressed - and with the rotary control for rotation and hall effect joystick for degree of lift and rotation.

  1. We need this project to have all code implemented to control the following - 1 x AC Servo Motor +360 and -360

  2. Hall Effect joystick for movements of both axis +360 -360 - and axis 2 0 degree up to 60 Degree - which will be the actuator fully closed and fully open based on our 3D Model

  3. 6 Buttons - which will be preset degrees for 0 to 60 degrees for the actuator with button 7 being Home or Closed position

  4. 8 Buttons for rotational presets - 0 degree up to 315 degree - diagram only shows 7

  5. 100PPR Pulse Generator Handwheel - for control of the rotation

  6. Speed Torque and Ramp Rotary Buttons for Both Axis

  7. Ramp start and stop buttons for both axis

  8. Nextion 7" Display

Anyone who can help please contact us and we can discuss costing

If anyone can assist with any informative arduino mega 2560 with coding of the above 2 axis robotic style arm with preset buttons, joystick, rotary encoder - we have looked at many various video’s tutorials - but I am finding it a challenge to incorporate multiple commands into my sketch

Thanks all hope you can help - this project is time critical

Sounds like an interesting project. Is this for an industrial application? Are there any safety implications?


Hi All, just want to advise this post is no longer needed - we have found a code developer to assist with our project.