Need code writer for Data to LCD

I need code written for wireless XBEE sensors to send data to arduino LCD display.
It seems like there are many LCD displays, with different chips, using different code. I really don't want to spend for a Nexion LCD, so I'm sticking with the cheaper and smaller units.
I do bigfoot research here in Arizona, and what I need, I have no idea on how to write the code to get up and running.
I need the long range of XBEE series 2 modules which I have. I have the LCD display, and I have achieved this on the very small 1 inch square displays. But I would like a bigger display to monitor.
The XBEE sensors would be the small PIR motion sensors. But I would like for the display to show each sensor.
The display that I have written some code for is this model:

HiLetgo 240X320 Resolution 2.8" SPI TFT LCD Display Touch Panel ILI9341 with PCB 5V/3.3V STM32.
Relatively low cost and seems to have the resolution needed.
I've pulled my hair out long enough.
Would it be worth it to go bluetooth wireless? What is the distance they can transmit? If bluetooth can reach 30 feet, I'd be interested in changing from XBEE, being that XBEE modules need their own set up on top of the arduino they are connected to.
I'd be interested in discussing a cost for the code.

I'm not new to this website, I've gotten a lot of help through a different name. But when it comes to displaying sensor data onto this LCD display or that display, I get lost I. Which code works with which display.

Thank you for your time.

Interesting project. Bluetooth is 10m (roughly 30ft) but I don't think that's the way to go. Have you looked into LoRa ? Would give you a range of about 10km radius.

I have a bluetooth project that gives me about 100 feet in open air. It really depends on the situation. The modules are very low price. let me know if i can help.

LoRa is overkill; HC12, RFM69 or NRF24 modules should bridge that 10 meters easily, of course it depends on any obstacles that may be in the way.