Need for Arduino Sketch and an Android app.

Logic: The sectors of the rotational probability device will have 19 different colours and a colour sensor will be attached to the stopper of the rotational probability device. The colour sensor can detect three colours namely ...

  1. Red
  2. Green
  3. Blue
    We can get the Percentage of red, green and blue in the 19 different colours/ shade by colour detector itself through a simulation. We can then program the pre-known percentage obtained to be convert into fix integer after detection of percentage by colour sensor, for the Arduino. The Arduino will then instruct the app using the fix integer, to display a video would be pre-programmed to show corresponding video when receiving that fixed integer. At the same time,Arduino will also send information to motor and on detection of distance corresponding to the fix integer by any one of ultrasonic sensor that would be predefined,the motor to stop.


  1. Create communication between 2 nrf24L01, esp8266 and an app.
  2. Arduino should create a specified numerical value by recognition of pre set value by proximity sensor and send instruction to the motor connected to Arduino nano to turn on and the app to display the video which would be programmed to show specific video when receiving that numeric value.
  3. Preset value will also be specified for the distance of each place and whenever the Train reaches that value, the ultrasonic sensor will provide that information to Arduino Uno which will then instruct the Motors connected to Arduino Nano to Switch off.
  4. Loop continues.

Screen1: Project Name(Top), Project Logo(Middle), " Click Here to Start Video" button (bottom).
Screen( 2 or if you want to create different screen for different video that is also okay):Then the app should play videos related to State and Union Territories according to the fix integer that it receives from the Arduino Uno. Also at the bottom of the video there should an slider where ' End The Game' would be written and sliding upon which would bring to next screen.
Screen: It should show two option Single Player and Multiplayer. If single player then the user would be taken to a new screen where he would answer 10 multiple choice question of 10 marks each and after completing, a leaderboard would appear with his marks. If multiplayer then the user would be taken to a new screen where he would be asked the number of players/devices. The user would be able to type the number of players/ devices and then a new screen would appear where various devices would be able to connect with the help of a code or wifi. *** The programmer of the app can set the connection either through a code or through wifi which ever is convenient. After that here too each player/ device will be taken to a new screen where the player would answer 10 multiple choice question of 10 marks each and after completing, a leaderboard would appear with their marks.
Hi we are bunch of school students requiring assistant in our project. If you have any sort of query or are in need of further explanation/ elaboration please feel free to contact me. Thank you for your time.

also here

OK. That preempts the inevitable “what’s the budget?” question. Its $27.

It is infact $27

you must have forgotten the last zero
pretty sure you meant $270

But the Arduino community is world wide and someone, in a less developed country, may be happy to do that for $27 ( USD? ).
For that money here, though, you could hire a cleaner for about only 30 minutes.

Don't know why you guys are complaining. At least it's more than $3.50.

LOL you got that amount offered to do a job?

No, just a bad joke.

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