Need help for project

HI. I have the following devices:

-Arduino UNO SMD -Arduino UNO R3 -XBee S1 x 2 -Ethernet shield R3 -Xbee Shield -Xbee explorer

My project is to send data from one arduino to the other using xbee. Then the receive data has to be sent to a internet webpage where clients can view the temperature. We are able to send the data from one arduino to another but not into the internet webpage. We can only view the web page if the client and server in the same network. How do we post it online?

Likely you will need to encode into the packets the appropriate usernames and passwords to properly validate yourself to the remote server. This probably means a lot more parsing of the texts to look for login prompts, error returns, etc.

I would suggest first using something like telnet on a linux or windows system, and log on by hand, writing down the lines that you expect and what you need to type for the prompt. If you have a router or similar system that requires you to log onto it before it routes the packets, you would first have to do that protocol.

The other way to do it, is have the arduino be a server like you probably have set up, and then use something on a local pc that reads the information from the arduino and updates the remote system.