need help please!

Iam new to the forum. could you please help me how to interface betwen Vb .net 2008 and arduino? I am trying to turn on LED light by clicking on the button on VB .net.

thank you

If you look at this page you'll find a long list of different types of software people have interfaced with the Arduino. In particular there's a ready rolled solution here for VB.NET.

If you want to do it yourself the basic idea is that the USB interface to the Arduino appears as a serial (COM) port on your PC. You get your VB program to write some kind of command to the serial port when the button is clicked (e.g. "LED ON"), and on the Arduino end it listens for incoming serial data. When it hears a command it does something (e.g. turns on an LED). There's an example of doing this on the Arduino playground using Processing as the development environment on the PC rather than VB.NET -

The Firmata/VB.NET link posted above justs automates that serial communication bit so you can get on with writing the interesting parts of your project. However I believe it means all of your programming has to reside on the PC - the sketch running on the Arduino is just a "dumb" program that listens for serial comms and acts accordingly. This may or may not be suitable for what you eventually want to do, but it will certainly work just for turning an LED on or off.


thank you alot andrew

i used the fermata library in however, it does not work with arduino. do you know the code for arduino communication with

thank you again

You need to load the Firmata sketch onto your Arduino so it's sitting there listening out for the serial commands. It seems it comes included with the Arduino IDE since version 12 so you just "File -> Open -> Examples > Library-Firmata > StandardFirmata" then compile and upload the sketch to your Arduino board.

I should point out I've never done any of this myself so you should read the documentation to understand what you're doing. See for details.