Need help UDP for NTP via Serial Wifi =(

Dear all,
I purchased a serial wifi module, the catch is that it uses the serial for communication with Arduino. The thing is that all the examples I see that use UDP are for the Ethernet shield.
Can anyone help me or point out how should I send an receive a UDP package?
Thanks in advance

Please post the datasheet of your WIFI device , the more you tell what you know the better we can see the "gaps"

Thanks for your reply Here's the mdoel of the WiFi If you could help me it would be awesome!

Have you worked through the manual yet - -

It seems you need to set the UDP mode with AT commands… See chapter 6

Yes I did read it, on chapter 6.3.3 is some C code to create a "framework" in order to ease the work. But I honestly didn't understand a) How to use the "framework" nor creating it b) Set the contents of the UDP packag ( I need this to get a response from an NTP server). c) Read the response of the sent UDP Thanks,

Have you got any software than can send you UDP packages from your computer to Arduino?

Trying to work through UDP straight to a NTP server might not be the best solution to begin with. There are way too many places for the code to fail and you'd have a hard time finding it. So actually communicating first inside your home network through UDP and then move on to NTP would be best.

Have you got anything like that?