Need help understanding html forms

I am trying to switch things (currently a led) from a web page. Thanks to zoomkat, I am well along. I could switch the led on/off with a ext field, now I am trying radio buttons. There are two problems

  1. you seem to be able to have two buttons clicked at once
  2. nothing gets back to the server
    I am creating the buttons thusly
    client.write("Led Off ");
    client.write("Led On ");
    The ino is much too big so I am attaching it as a zip
    To see the page go to (2.29 KB)

Try something like this. All buttons in a group must share the same name.

 client.write("<form>Led Off <input type=radio name=led value=off>");
 client.write("Led On <input type=radio name=led value=on></form>");

Retrieve variable led on the server. It will be set to on or off.

I'd use the full syntax, to be HTML / XHTML agnostic, and be explicit about action and method:

client.write("<form method='...' action='...'>Led Off <input type='radio' name='led' value='off' />");
 client.write("Led On <input type='radio' name='led' value='on' /></form>");

IIRC a form without an action attribute will behave differently on different browsers.

[edit: Oh, and where's the submit button? ]