Need help with AtTiny84 and BMP085 small project. Will pay.

While I know doing it myself is supposed to be beneficial, I’m totally frustrated now and this is only a small part of the overall project and I can’t be spending more time on it. I am happy to pay someone via paypal or one of the freelancer sites.

Basic requirements: AtTiny84 microprocessor , BMP085 barometer sensor and Arduino IDE version 1.6.8

I will supply a basic .ino code file to start with, which can be modified. The code is fairly simple. I had it working until I upgraded from IDE version 1.5.2 to 1.6.8 After the code is working and compiles, I will need to get the libraries, cores, board etc. you used to get the tiny84 to work plus the locations of where the libraries, etc. go. The code will read a BMP085 barometer sensor and display a value on a standard 2 x 20 LCD The code will save several start-up values to EEPROM

See PM for ideas

I wrote some altimeters using attiny 84 and the BMP085 library.
Can you please explain your problem? or send the code + schematic