Need help with making sketch for button box

Helllo everybody,
I m new here so excuse me if I wrote a stupid things.

I decided to create a button box to my flight simulator stuff. I had never used arduino before so I don't really know how to make sketch for IDE to programme my button box.
I tried to use ready sketches from yt but they are not specified for my configuration.

I would be grateful if someone will help me write a sketch for my button box.
My time is limited in case of milkitary studies so I cannot do it myself.

Arduino Pro MIcro is used in my button box.
Button Box has got:
17 OFF-ON Switches
3 Rotatory encoders with button mode
1 potentiometer
5 push buttons

I upload my connection diagram and photo of the button box.
Thank you for your answers and help.

If you want someone to write code for you, I suggest that you flag your thread and have a moderator move your thread to the Gigs and Collaborations section. Expect to pay.

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