Need help with PIR sensor to control media server playback


First off I am a total newbie to micro controllers, electronics and this forum, so any assistance with this project would be a good.

I am working on a project where I want to use a PIR sensor to control/trigger my media server (Arkaos Media Master Pro) to play video clip via midi signal commands.

I have everything working with a button i.e.; I press the button once (quickly) and Arduino sends a midi note for a specific time of 5 seconds delay.

I have replaced the button with a PIR sensor and it does work, but not how I want it to. What happens is that the PIR sensor is sending additional triggers during the video clip play time of 5 seconds. so that the video clip is playing for a far longer time period. Due to additional triggers from the PIR sensor during the 5 second play time.

There are two small pots on the PIR circuit board, one for sensitivity and the other for time. But playing with the time pot is not going to give me the accuracy I need.

So I was thinking that I might be able to do it within the sketch. by telling the Arduino that after the first trigger, additional triggers from the PIR sensor should be ignored for a specific length of time.

I have attached the sketch and if anyone can tell me what I need to do, it would be a great help.


PIR_Media_Sever_Control.ino (799 Bytes)

Not to worry, I have solved the problem as I found the solution in the Learning section.

Hi i'm doing a project similar to yours. I have a question do you use a raspberry Pi and what was the problem(maby i can use your solution to solve mine(;)