Need some advice on a display for a handicapped communication device

I live in South Texas and am doing some mission work across the border in Matamoros Mexico. One of the families I have contact with has 3 disabled daughters, and the oldest is unable to speak. She understands conversation and is able to read and write (though with difficulty) They rely on a battery and a small solar panel to supply what little electricity they have. A computer would use too much power, so I am looking for a way to build what used to be called a video typerwriter.

The displays I have seen tend to be tiny and hard to read from very far away, and I would like to make a device so she could type and then show it to someone sitting 2 meters, 6 feet away in a chair.

Might I be able to use multiple displays and a large font?



I am working on u8glib, which includes high resolution fonts with 30 pixel height ( On a 128x64 you will probably be able to show 2 lines of text.

There are a lot of KS0108 based displays available. Also the DOGM128 and DOGL128 displays might be an option. I personally like the NHD-2.7-12864 OLED which is shown as left picture on the u8glib home page: While not so big, it has an amazing contrast.

Any other suggestions?


What about a low-tech solution?

Blackboard + chalk.

Can she use a full-size keyboard? Can she use multi-tap with built-in predictive function? Maybe even a small android tablet so she can type or draw. It's not more than a few watts. What exactly are you trying to make for her?

I think something like this:|2534374302176009~~.jsp?cs=PDP_3_JJ718

might be the best bet. No power, no batteries. Sometimes low tech is the answer.

--- bill