New arduino project idea with projector suggestion needed

Hi All,


I am new to Arduino, and have gone through many tutorials and use of many sensors and circuits. I have played around with Arduino little bit and I am very impressed the things that we could with that piece.

I wanted to make a small project "robot" where I would say to the robot lets say please search "what is an arduino" in google. So my robot would search over the internet and display the content exactly like the way it comes on any laptop or smartphone. (like a webpage)... using a projector may be ? and project it on the wall.

The idea behind it is to do a internet search anywhere with my robot and not to worry about where to display as it will use the projector to project it on the wall.

is it possible ? may I thinking it correctly ? Please advise.

Projectors are not very portable. You can't fit one in your pocket.

I don't know, this one looks pretty small:

Need something to get Arduino output into HDMI format tho.

Sounds like something that could be more easily implemented with a Raspberry PI. It doesn’t really sound like a microcontroller problem.


The voice recognition part sounds like something that would be best done by an existing computer application, and so does the searching and sorting / prioritising of the search results, and so does the image rendering. In short you probably want a smart phone rather than an Arduino for this. I remember reading about the Samsung Galaxy Beam coming out shortly which has an integral projector which would seem like an ideal platform for this, or use a conventional smartphone and separate pico projector. If you don't mind it only working in the dark, you could even use your smartphone as a projector.

Thank you All for your input, greatly appreciated !!

Yeah, what you are looking at (advanced video output, voice recognition, internet support) would not fit whiten the 8-bit limitations of an arduino. At the very least, you could use a raspberry pi, or if you like arduino, the pcDuino.